Rachel Kamin


BScOT has been an OT since 1996 and brings a wealth of clinical experience to her work with children and families. She graduated Magna Cum Laud from SUNY Brooklyn in New York and has been working exclusively with pediatrics ever since. Rachel's passion has always been improving children's lives through playful, motivating therapy. She began her career treating clients together with a team of doctors, nurses, and physiotherapists at Schneider's children's hospital addressing medical, orthopedic and developmental disabilities. She then worked in the New York City school system servicing children receiving regular and special education.


Rachel then treated the 0-5 year old, Early Intervention population in their homes. Her clinical skills, enthusiasm and warmth made her a well sought after therapist. This experience was extremely fulfilling for her and sparked the idea of starting an occupational therapy clinic. Working with families and children together was the most effective method and this was the model she dreamed of- a clinical setting, well equipped and designed to service children and involve parents.

Upon moving to Vancouver in 2005 Rachel continued to work with her favorite population, children with developmental delays and sensory issues, at Vancouver Pediatric Occupational Therapy (VPOT).


After two years it was clear that Vancouver was to be home, and she opened the doors to Vancouver Occupational Therapy For Kid, Ltd. in November 2007  making her vision a reality. Rachel's experience in OT has placed a great focus on Sensory Integration implementing it in many settings and sharing her knowledge with others. She has completed courses on DIR, Social Thinking, Sensory Integration, NDT, Autism, Learning Disabilities, normal/abnormal development and upper body performance. Rachel enjoys her free time exploring the beautiful outdoors of BC with her family.




Amy Fritzi Yee


Amy has been an occupational therapist for kids since 2010. She received her Bachelor's Degree in Occupational Therapy from a renowned school in the Philippines and placed second in the national OT licensure examination. She practiced as a paediatric occupational therapist in her homeland for four years where she honed her skills in Sensory Integration and Neurodevelopmental Techniques, as well as developed a passion for DIR® Floortime. She has a vast experience in handling children with ASD, Down's Syndrome, Learning disabilities, ADHD, Communication Disorder, Cerebral Palsy, DCD, and other developmental disorders. When she moved to Canada, she continued her practice focusing on sensory processing, self-regulation, gross and fine motor skills and written output. It is her goal to help children adapt and gain confidence in performing the skills they need to do in their everyday lives. It is her passion to gain excellence in providing treatment strategies to help families in need. Thus, she is very interested in enriching her mind through engaging in continuing education and professional development courses. She has attended courses about Sensory Integration, NDT- Bobath Approach, Handwriting Without Tears, Social Thinking, DIR® Floortime and other case-specific courses.


When she isn't busy enriching the lives of the younger generation, you'll find her doing arts and crafts, gardening and strolling around parks and malls. She is registered to practice in three countries- Philippines, USA and Canada (BC). Amy is also on the RASP list.