Therapy services at Vancouver Occupational Therapy For Kids, Ltd. are conducted one on one with experienced therapists trained in Sensory Integration (SI).  All therapy takes place in our sensory gyms, fully equipped with a variety of swings, crash mats, ball pits, slides, therapy balls, games and more. Therapists use this setting and equipment to target problem areas through playful interactions, grading the activities so that the child can succeed. The goal is for the child to modify his/her behavior by employing new  and useful strategies in response to the challenges presented and the sensory input provided. As well, the child will have the opportunity to explore his/her sensory preferences in this comfortable environment. Children are highly motivated to participate because the activities are fun and make them feel good, both physically and emotionally. Children and parents learn to recognize the child's responses to stress and develop skills and tools to produce more adaptive emotional and behavioral responses.

Printing/Handwriting is addressed using a multi sensory approach that involves several sensory systems (touch, auditory, visual, movement) and is presented in an organized method that helps make written output more automatic and less overwhelming.

Therapists also provide education, support and practical recommendations to be implemented at home and school. Other team members such as teachers, psychologists, behavioral consultants and interventionists are welcome to come observe and learn. The occupational therapist will re-assess and adjust the therapeutic goals constantly to keep up with the child's development and change.

Sessions are provided weekly with the same OT in a one hour session. Home and school visits can be arranged if needed.

Treatment addresses:

  • eye-hand coordination
  • gross motor skills
  • balance & coordination
  • social skills
  • body awareness
  • sensory processing
  • motor planning
  • attention
  • bilateral integration
  • hand skills
  • engagement
  • muscle strength
  • muscle tone
  • written output
  • dressing and grooming
  • cognitive skills
  • visual perceptual skills
  • organizational skills
  • developmental delays
  • feeding difficulties
  • postural control


Hourly fees are based on the College of Occupational Therapy fee guidelines and are $120/hour.

Unfortunately Occupational therapy is not covered by MSP however some extended health care plans will cover the cost of assessment and treatment. Additionally all costs are tax deductable as medical expenses at the end of the year. The OT can help with information regarding additional funding sources such as the Autism Funding program, the At Home program, home school funding, CKNW, Variety and others.