Vancouver Occupational Therapy For Kids, Ltd. is a dynamic private practice servicing the children and adolescents of the greater Vancouver area. Therapy takes place in our large, fully equipped sensory gyms designed to develop sensorimotor play. Skilled therapists specifically address each child's needs with ideal challenges to develop skill and confidence and provide sensory experiences that help to regulate and organize the nervous system. Treatment is engaging, motivating and of course full of fun and pleasure for the children. Come visit the newly expanded office to see for yourself!


Do you wonder if your child needs Occupational Therapy? Does he/she?

  • Get distracted easily..
  • React aggressively to touch
  • Have trouble sitting still/fidget often
  • Have trouble regulating his/her energy level
  • Get bothered by loud noise
  • Tantrum with transitions
  • Becomes anxious or awkward on playground equipment
  • Love to swing excessively
  • Have difficulty with printing or reading
  • Avoid arts and crafts or coloring
  • Struggle with personal space concepts
  • Over/ under reacts to pain
  • Become overwhelmed in crowds
  • Have difficulty playing with peers


If your child displays several of the symptoms above please explore our website to learn more about the available services at Vancouver Occupational Therapy For Kids, Ltd.